Perhaps teachers need a lesson

>In the Thursday, June 30, Wall Street Journal, there was a story about the teaching of American history in some of this nation’s most elite universities.

Surely you’ll be surprised to learn that many university history majors do not have to learn much about the history of their own nation. Odd, isn’t it?

Here is what the Journal’s Melissa Korn wrote: "Many elite schools may require students to take courses about events before 1750, or on East Asian and sub- Saharan African politics, without also demanding they study the creation of the U.S. Constitution or the Civil Rights movement."

So let us assume that some of these scholars will graduate with a degree in history and perhaps take positions teach­ing that discipline in high schools. Will they teach high school juniors about sub- Saharan politics rather than about Mar­tin Luther King Jr. and George Wallace?

Korn writes in her story: "Students at the University of Texas at Austin … can partly fulfill their U.S. history require­ment by signing up for ‘Jews in American Entertainment.’ " She ends her story with, "A representative from (Texas at Austin) wasn’t immediately available for com­ment."

Wonder why.