Life in a Trump White House

>At least two people – one a United States senator, the other the son of Donald Trump – have suggested that Trump’s daughter might be a really good choice for Trump’s vice president on the Republican ticket.

We agree in the hope that, a la Richard Nixon, Trump will bug the Oval Office and we’ll get to hear some interesting discus­sions between the two leaders of these United States:

IVANKA: Dad, can I have Air Force One tonight?

DONALD: No. The last time you took it, you ran it out of gas and I was late for an appointment with what’s-her-name in Britain because we had to fuel up.

IVANKA: But Daaaaaaad …

DONALD: I said NO.

IVANKA: Then I’m not going to preside over the Senate today.

DONALD: Oh, yes you are. There could be a tie vote on my plan to dissolve Cali­fornia, and you’ll have to break it.

IVANKA: Not gonna.

DONALD: Are too.


DONALD: All right, then, you don’t get your allowance this month.

IVANKA: I get a government salary, ha, ha, ha.

DONALD: Sweetie, sweetie, sweetie … I AM the government. See that sign on the front of this building? What’s it say?

IVANKA: Trump House. But I’m a Trump.

DONALD: My darling daughter, you are A Trump, but I am THE Trump, and THE Trump, trumps all.

IVANKA: Well, guess what I’m gonna do in 2020.