Rotarians make a big splash

>Well, they did it again. The members of the Milford Rotary Club put on another spectacular, and spectacularly success­ful, swim meet at Milford’s Keyes Pool. It’s the 51st they’ve hosted, and each one is as good, often better, than the previous one.

This dedicated group of women and men work hard to plan the meet and work hard during the weekend the meet is held, making sure that everyone has a good time, that the meet is well-organized, that there is lots of great food, and that when the young swimmers and their families go home, they’re glad they came.

These are long days for the Rotarians, but they never seem to mind. The swim meet isn’t work to them, it’s a labor of love, put on for the kids. Everyone who was there seemed to appreciate the Ro­tary’s hard work.

And think about it: They have to deal with nearly 600 swimmers from 18 teams, they have to make sure that all the heats are organized, that everyone is ready, that the timers are timing, that the kids know what to do and when to do it. Six hundred kids and their parents.

Try it sometime.

Actually, do try it sometime. The Ro­tary is always looking for more members who can help at things like the swim meet or selling Christmas trees. It’s a fun group that meets each week at Mil­ford’s Community House, where the food is really good and the singing isn’t bad. Really.

The Rotary is fortunate to get help from the Milford Recreation Department and Recreation Commission, but they don’t charge teams to enter the contest, which is amazing in this day and age. They do it because it’s important, because it’s fun.

And because they’re Rotarians and that’s the kind of thing Rotarians do.