Driver in fatal should be named

>The Sunday, July 31, edition of our sister paper, The Telegraph, carried an editorial about the state Attorney General’s Office refusal to release the name of the 17-year-old driver who struck and killed a Lynde­borough woman, Debess Rogers, in July.

Here is an excerpt from that editorial:

"Part of the state’s concern (about re­leasing the name of the driver) lies in the possibility that if the driver is charged as a juvenile, having her name out in public would be a problem. …

"Once the driver’s name is released (said Senior Assistant Attorney Karen Schlitzer), ‘we can’t unring that bell’ "

"Except that, if the charge were brought in juvenile court, the public wouldn’t hear that particular bell ring anyway and wouldn’t be able to connect one with the other. …

"The public has an interest in know­ing the identify of the driver. Consistent transparency is one way of assuring the public that the children of ordinary tax­payers are treated the same as the chil­dren of the politically connected."