Appreciation for police shown

>We don’t know how this started, why it started or who started it, but some folks in Amherst are expressing their apprecia­tion for their Police Department in ways other than verbally, including gifts of food.

This is what Police Chief Mark Reams told the selectmen:

"There is nothing like coming in from a midnight shift and finding a gift basket. It’s fantastic."

You bet.

And this is especially important when police departments nationwide are un­der fire for how they deal with citizens, especially citizens of color. Much of this criticism is deserved, but it’s clear that Amherst residents feel their officers are more deserving of praise.

And gift baskets.

We aren’t trying to compare patrolling Amherst to patrolling Baltimore, which has many problems, among them issues that have nothing to do with the police. But good community policing goes two ways: Sure, the police have to reach out to the community, but it’s nice when they know the community is reaching right back.

This is good.