Storage isn’t the problem – stuff is

>Some Milford neighbors of a vacant lot across from Pine Valley Mill and its apart­ments are a bit concerned that the lot will soon be home to a self-storage complex. They fear it will be ugly and that it will devalue their property.

But the lot is already approved for such units and, really, we think they’re a lot better for the area than a previously proposed Dollar General store. Nothing against Dollar General, but any retail outlet on that site would be a mecca for traffic and noise.

Plus, we have a great deal of respect for Milford’s Ciardelli family, one of whose members, Matthew Ciardelli, is an ap­plicant along with MAC Milford Realty. Planning Board Vice Chairman Janet Langdell said these applicants have a "very strong track record" for nice, neat developments. We have no reason to doubt that.

And Planning Board member Susan Robinson said, "The demand for storage is absolutely colossal," so clearly this will fill a need.

We think the neighbors will be pleas­antly surprised when the project is finished. It will not drive significant amounts of traffic to the area, it will not be very noisy, if at all, and knowing that a Ciardelli is involved, we are convinced that the concept of being a good neighbor will be forefront in their minds.

What puzzles us is this "colossal" need for storage units. What is it, exactly, that we are storing? Have we just bought so much "stuff" that our homes can’t hold it? Or have we downsized our homes so much that we can’t fit it all into our new places, but we can’t bear to part with it? What?

Or is it possible that we just have too much "stuff"?

We have no idea, but as long as we have this stuff, and as long as we can’t fit it into the basement (if we even have a base­ment), then there will be a need for stor­age units.

And storage units are like anything else in this world: We never see the need for them until we have a need for them. Oh, then we’re glad these things are nearby. Who wants to drive 10 miles to check on their stuff?

We think this will work out. And be­cause Matt Ciardelli is a local guy, folks can always talk to him if they have a problem. That’s a heck of a lot better than dealing with some corporation licensed in Liechtenstein.