Sign to pique interest in town

It might seem in the great outside world to be a small thing, this new sign on the Lyndeborough Village Store, but in a small town, just about anything that’s new is of interest.

And we like the idea that store owner Rick McQuade made the sign clear and easy to read and eschewed fancy script that, on some signs, needs an interpret­er.

And we really like the idea that Mc­Quade, as reported by our correspondent Jessie Salisbury, is considering installing a message bulletin board, another way for residents to keep up with what is go­ing on in their community.

The new sign mentions that a pancake breakfast is coming in the fall, and we look forward to finding out exactly what that will mean. Yes, yes, we know it means pancakes, but … oh, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Change isn’t always good, but on some level, change is always fun. The changes being made at the Village Store appear to be good and fun, or good fun, if you will. And it seems to us McQuade decided to have a little fun right away with his sign because the first thing it says, under the banner of The Village Store, is:

"Here is our new sign!"

Sure is.