Political decency carries meaning

Given the tone of this presidential elec­tion campaign, we thought we should bring you these words, written by William B. Rotch, for The Cabinet’s issue of Dec. 6, 1951, regarding people who were ques­tioning the drive by the Republican Party to enlist Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower to run for president:

"Why an Eisenhower-for-President drive? … How can Republicans take a chance on a candidate who might turn out to be a Democrat after all?

"Can’t they see that Eisenhower has be­come as symbol of integrity at a time when integrity is all too rare in government? Can’t they see that Eisenhower is looked on as one man capable of saving all that is fine in democratic government?"

Ike came in for a lot of criticism during his two terms, particularly the amount of time he spent playing golf, but he was a decent man, a decent president and the kind of candidate we could use today.