Hidden agenda behind permit

Here’s one to ponder:

Just days after one of our local lawmakers, state Rep. Carolyn Halstead, a Milford Republican, dropped her loaded gun in a hearing on kindergarten by the House Education Committee, our always thoughtful state Senate voted 13-10 to approve a bill eliminating the state’s permit requirement to carry a concealed weapon.

So now more people can carry hidden guns.

Let us not be squeamish about how we say this: Concealed weapon? Give it a rest. It’s a hidden weapon.

The people in the kindergarten hearing, among them young children, were fortunate that Halstead’s gun didn’t go off.

According to the Concord Monitor, here is how Halstead explained the mishap:

“Halstead said she was rushing in to take her seat when the gun holster got caught on her backpack.

“ ‘I wear that particular holster, I carry it in the middle of my back and the backpack must have gotten caught on it. When I squatted down and I took it off, it went like this and it came out.’ ”

She said she would wear a different holster in the future when carrying a backpack – a fine idea.

But at least we know that Halstead is carrying a gun. Now, assuming our new governor signs the “hidden guns are OK” bill into law, we won’t know – nor will the police – who else might be.

And there really are people in this state who should not be walking around with guns, especially hidden guns. Indeed, Democratic Sen. Lou D’Allesandro, of Manchester, told the New Hampshire Union Leader that last year, 2,477 people applied for a concealed carry permit and only 41 were turned down.

Now there are two ways to look at that:

1. They ONLY turned down 41? So all the others were perfectly reasonable people with good reasons to carry hidden guns?

2. They only turned down 41, so it’s pretty easy to get a permit, so why dump the permit law? Oh, so anybody can get a gun, including those 41 from Manchester who somebody thought shouldn’t be carrying a hidden gun and soon will be able to. Oh, the joy.

What’s the thinking in Concord? That the more people are secretly armed, the safer we are as a society, because when some really bad person tries to, say, rob a bank, he now will have to assume that everyone waiting to see a teller – and the tellers – also have hidden guns, so maybe he shouldn’t rob the bank?

What else could it