Give peace a chance

Well, cynic that I am, I thought I’d attend the Wilton Peace Action meeting at the Wilton Public & Gregg Free Library on Feb. 11, expecting to find three people, two of whom would be FBI informants.

After all, peace is a nebulous thing, action takes time and effort, and Wilton is a small town.

But Jimmy McCynic was wrong: There are about 70 people in the rotunda of the library (a beautiful room, worth seeing on its own accord), and they were all enthusiastic supporters, it seemed, of the idea of …

Hmmmm, this is where I get a bit lost. The idea of what? Well, peace, of course, but there’s more to it than that.

Most of them seemed appalled by Donald Trump’s actions, particularly his executive order that we’re certain, really, truly, madly, deeply, didn’t actually, really ban Muslims, but just really mean cats from seven countries that just happen to be majority Muslim countries, just an accident, no kidding.

C’mon, who in their right mind would ban people just because of their religion? Boston always loved the Irish Catholics, don’t you know? No history of religious discrimination in our white Protestant nation, which, when you say it, think it, write it, really doesn’t mean anything more than, gee whiz, we happen to have a lot of white Protestants, not our fault they all came here from non-Muslim countries.

The Wilton Peace Action meeting followed on the heels of the National Women’s March, and the rally in Wilton drew around 200 people, which also surprised the heck out of me, but I figured it for a one-off and assumed we wouldn’t see its like again locally, maybe just three or four people holding signs around town, as Wilton Peace Action folks did during the idiotic Iraq war, thank you so much George W. Bush (yes, I know he was conned by Cheney, Rumsfeld and their ilk, but he was THE DECIDER, right?).

So far, Trump’s only been conned by Gen. Flynn, who, now that he has resigned, can put his free time to good use by investigating those child molestation pizza parlors that are popping up all over the country under the aegis of Hillary Clinton.

But 70 people at a follow-up meeting – and not all from Wilton, not by a long shot – is pretty impressive, if you don’t count the undercover FBI agents somewhere in the group taking names.

They all want to do something. They all fear that the nation is in jeopardy under a Trump-Pence regime, and they know that just holding signs is not the answer. It sure didn’t stop Bush’s Iraq war. So they discussed getting things started locally, getting people to run for office right here in New Hampshire, right in their towns, and state Rep. Kermit William’s brief story about another state rep (a Republican, of course) who has a machine gun range in his backyard was an aid in helping them understand why local/state can be important.

What’s wrong, you ask, with having a machine gun range in your yard? First, it necessitates owning one or more machine guns, in itself something that, on its face, is stupid. And it asks the musical question, “What’s the thrill? Is it the reverberation melting through your machine-gunning body?”

Man, what happened to “The Deer Hunter” ethos of JUST ONE BULLET? Nah, spray, baby, spray.

There seems to be a concept that liberals can emulate the tea party that did so well in a couple of recent elections, but we need to remember that the tea party ate its own: It went after fellow Republicans who weren’t conservative, or pure, or nutty enough. So, the Sanders/Warren wing of the Democratic Party should go after fellow Democrats who aren’t liberal, pure or nutty enough?

Sorry, kids, that might work for Republicans, but Democrats cannot eat their own and survive. See, people who weren’t tea party, people who might have backed the Republican the tea party knocked off in a primary, would STILL vote for the tea party candidate because he was A REPUBLICAN.

Democrats not only hold grudges, they act upon them. What? You don’t think a lot of Bernie Sanders supporters got peeved when he lost to Hillary and either stayed home on Nov. 8 or VOTED FOR TRUMP? You better believe they did.

Those of us who are Toolens believe in the “joke” about Irish Alzheimer’s: We forget everything except the grudge. Damn right.

Well, liberal Democrats must all be Irish, because, I am convinced, a lot of them helped give us Trump-Pence-Breitbartboy, thank you so bloody much.

So I’m skeptical about any form of liberal Democratic Tea Party that we’d have to name the White Wine Party anyway, which isn’t all that catchy, but I am not, at least for the moment, skeptical anymore about Wilton Peace Action. Seventy people on a snowy, yucky, cold Saturday? Not too shabby.

And here are some places you can check out: wilton nh peace action is the Facebook page for Wilton Peace Action. Then here is, and things called Monadnock Progressive Alliance, Showing Up For Racial Justice and One Pulse for America, all of which were represented at the Wilton meeting.

So, check it all out, and yeah, go ahead and form the White Wine Party, but just remember what happened Nov. 8, eh?

Mike Cleveland is former editor of The Cabinet.