Forum good for town, taxpayers

Hats off, again, to the Milford Improvement Team and town officials for their move a few years ago to start the “Make-It Milford” event, a session that invites businesspeople to learn about the town, what it can offer and why they should move or expand their businesses there.

The event will be held form 5-7 p.m. Tuesday, March 21, in the Town Hall banquet room. A flier for the program says, “We bring together experts from the Town of Milford and the private sector to answer all your questions about starting, expanding or relocating your business to the Milford Area.”

Those experts will include the town administrator, the community development director, fire and building officials, commercial lenders, real estate agents, an attorney, a commercial insurance agent and a volunteer from SCORE, an organization that gives free small-business advice.

This, the fourth such forum, is a great example of a town taking direct action to help its tax base, which, of course, is a way to help its taxpayers, since we are all stuck in the quicksand of the property tax. The more business a town can attract, the greater the spread of the tax burden.

We hope a lot of people will come to the forum and hear about the advantages of being in Milford. Of course, were they to move there, they would be moving from some other town, and that town might be a tad irked, but when it comes to tax revenues, it’s every town for itself, right?

Come and check it out.