Not trustworthy communication

The Milford town and school Voters Guide says this:

“All candidates were presented the opportunity to submit profiles.”

Well, yes, except … they weren’t.

One of the things everyone was forced to learn early in the age of email is this:

Never trust it.

Never assume that an email got to the place it was supposed to get. When it comes to email, things can easily go wrong.

And in the case of one Milford candidate for the Board of Selectmen, something did indeed go wrong.

As was the case with all the other candidates, the town sent Roger Tilton an email invitation to submit a profile. But he never got it. The address was off by a single letter – his middle initial was left off. That’s no fault of Milford’s Roger H. Tilton. Instead of getting to him, the invitation got to some other Roger Tilton somewhere else.

So Tilton didn’t find out about the offer to submit a profile until it was too late. Nor did he learn about the candidates forum.

To make matter’s worse, the first page of the Voters Guide says you should vote for only one candidate. Not so. There are two open seats, so when you go into the voting booth, choose two of the candidates.

The good news is Tilton’s name is on the ballot, because, after all, he did file to run.

These things happen. But one thing we all need to remember is that emails can go awry and it is important to follow up with phone calls when we must be absolutely sure the email got through.