Bauer’s service benefit Milford

Kathy Bauer’s decision to no longer seek office in Milford is a loss to the community, but understandable given the number of years she has served, and served well.

Bauer, whose final position was as a selectman, served Milford for 22 years, most of that on the Zoning Board, including several years as its chairman.

While she was pragmatic and well-versed in the rules and regulations of the boards on which she served, she was also a pleasant and welcoming public official. No one had to fear bringing an issue to her attention. She was going to listen, make up her mind based on the facts, and do it in a way that made folks OK with how things went, even if they weren’t happy with the final decision. They always knew they were heard.

Bauer was also a longtime employee of The Cabinet, and one of the people who not only helped to get the paper out every week, but who was never shy about expressing her opinion about coverage to whoever the editor happened to be.

Public service can be tiring. Selectmen and board members spend a lot of time studying rules and reading paperwork. It isn’t all listening and making decisions over the course of a four-hour meeting. A lot of preparation goes into what town officials do, and do as volunteers.

Bauer is going to be missed, but she’ll be around, and we doubt she’ll be shy about expressing her opinion as a resident of Milford.