Courtesy should rule the road

Someone we know was driving onto the Route 101 bypass the other day, entering from Route 13, heading toward Wilton. He came up the on-ramp with the foolish idea that drivers already on the bypass would be polite and let him enter.

But first, a car held position to keep him out. Then, as he thought he had leave to get onto the highway, a large pickup truck pushed up next to him, slightly ahead, and crowded him to the point where he had to move into the breakdown lane a bit. The truck driver’s message was clear: This is my highway. Or maybe, I got here first, nyah, nyah.

Our friend, who had seen such things before, chuckled and pulled behind the truck, and they all drove down the bypass toward the traffic light at Market Basket.

And guess what? When they got to the light, it was red, and everyone had to stop, even the driver of the pickup, who was so insistent on holding his position so that he could … What? Get to the red light first? Well, he did. Congratulations. He’s the winner of the Get to the Red Light First Award. Nuts, right?

We know courtesy in politics is dead. Must it be so on a highway in Milford?