Play the name game

Name a nation that says this:

Cutting taxes for people who have a lot of money is more important than:

1. Meals on Wheels.

2. Mammograms for poor women.

3. Local food pantries.

In that nation, organizations such as Share Outreach and Wilton’s Open Cupboard end up getting the short end of the budgetary stick, while friends of that nation’s leaders end up paying less in taxes.

In that nation, the only way Share and Open Cupboard and welfare offices can continue to help people in need is if you – who probably are not wealthy and unlikely to get a tax cut or a raise, or a meaningful increase in your Social Security – step in and give what you can afford, to ensure that your neighbors and their children can eat, can have decent clothing, can be warm in the winter.

That’s how it works in that nation: The rich have friends in high places, and we have each other, because the leaders of that nation take care of their pals first and worry about us … well, we’d like to say they worry about us later, but we aren’t sure they worry about us at all. Otherwise, why would they cut programs that benefit people who need help and pass money on to people who don’t?