There’s really no place like dome

Oh, this is a good idea:

Don’t we all just hate it when we load up our vehicles and drive all the way to the local transfer station – or, in our western towns, the Wilton Recycling Center – only to find that it’s absolutely mobbed and we have to wait a really long time, perhaps as long as 15 minutes, to unload our stuff? Oh, how we hate that.

But now folks who use the Amherst Transfer Station can first go online and view how things are going at the station, thanks to new cameras that will show them just how crowded it is, and from that they can guess how long they’ll have to wait to unload.

And we thought the Hubble Telescope was a big deal.

Ah, but for southern New Hampshire, here is something that is a big deal: The Hampshire Dome will rise again.

The dome, part of the Hampshire Hills Athletic Club facility, was damaged during our Election Day snowstorm when the heavy weight of snow and ice caused its air-supported roof to collapse. But now town boards have given the OK to rebuild the dome.

This is a venue that brought thousands to hear Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in 2008, a venue that probably hosted more such rallies.

And why not? This is, as far as we know, the largest venue of its type in the state, and helps our area attract the likes of Obama and Clinton.

And with the 2020 presidential campaign already underway – hello, Martin O’Malley and Joe Biden, welcome back already – getting the dome back up could mean early rallies.