Watch out for scams related to relief effort

For all of the wonderful stories coming out of Houston about neighbors helping neighbors and people all over the country sending money and other forms of aid to the flood-ravaged region, we have to remember that in every disaster, there are people who come out from under their rocks to try to run a scam.

A recent warning about this came from New Hampshire Attorney General Gordon MacDonald who is warning Granite Staters to be cautious before donating to help victims of Hurricane Harvey.

He advised people to give to well-recognized charities that have a track record of service, mentioning the United Way of Greater Houston or the SPCA of Texas, and to think twice before giving to people raising money through online giving sites like GoFundMe, CrowdRise or YouCaring.

We think you should think three or four times. Scam artists are with us always, unfortunately, as too many people have learned in recent years as they fell for the grandmother scam or the IRS scam among many others.

Certainly we all want to help. Just be cautious about the vehicle through which you try to do so.