Be grateful for what you have

As we prepare to enter another new year, perhaps its time to reflect on how good we have it in this country, and we were reminded of this in producing a Thumbing the Files column for an issue in January 2018 when we read this item:

“So as not to violate the Office Of Price Administration’s ban on pleasure travel, girls’ and boys’ basketball teams from Wilton High School arrived for their games in Milford on a wagon drawn by two horses. Teams from Peterborough were to play in Milford the next day, but there was no news on how they would get there.”

Folks from those war years might, could they see us now, wonder at the marvels of technology we enjoy and our ease of travel with little thought about gasoline prices or airline fees when they had to carry books of ration cards to get even gasoline that was necessary for work.

But just to drive around town? Not during World War II, that’s for sure.

Yet sometimes, we complain about how hard life is these days. Oh, so hard.

But if gasoline rationing doesn’t make you wonder, try this, also from an upcoming Thumbing the Files column:

“The Finnish people of Milford raised another $42.40 for the Red Cross with a coffee party. Real coffee with real cream … made the party something out of the ordinary in this period of rationing and shortages.”

Gosh, why didn’t they just go to Starbucks?

Perhaps, in 2018, we could try … just try … to be a little grateful for what we have.