Christmas Trees

For so many people, this really is, as the song says, the most wonderful time of the year and among those people, we can count everyone who has attended recent visits from Santa or the lighting of official community Christmas trees.

Or holiday tree or just town tree as

some prefer.

Still, call it what you will, it does, for so many people, symbolize the most wonderful time of the year.

No matter how cold the day or night, adults and kids turn out to talk to Santa or watch the lighting of the tree — Earle Rich was given that honor in Mont Vernon last Saturday night as a cold, but happy, crowd cheered him on — because it is something they can share with their families and friends and even with people they’ve never met. When the lights on go, the people cheer and when people cheer together, they are, at least for that brief period, a close community.

Santa shows up in all of our towns every year, sometimes even for breakfast, and he and Mrs. Claus listen to kids tell them their wishes.

Also this time of year, we find in all of our towns, trees decorated with written gift wishes from kids who hope some generous stranger will buy that item and leave it with the town hall or library elves who collect and distribute the largesse. Please check out these trees and help make a this some kid’s most wonderful time of the year.

And as the holiday season continues, we hope that whatever you celebrate brings you comfort and joy.