Legislative Update

To my constituents in Amherst and to the surrounding communities: As your state representative in Concord, I would like to provide you with an overview of the bills we voted on during our most recent House session. Since I am limited in the size of the update, I am only going to mention those bill that appeared in the REGULAR calendar. Each House session all legislators vote on two calendars, the CONSENT and the REGULAR calendars. The bills that appear on the CONSENT calendar are those bills that have passed out of committee, usually unopposed and without debate. The REGULAR calendar contains bills that usually have a debate and are opposed. My intention is to continue with this overview each time the house meets during the current legislative session. Please contact your state representative if you have questions or any concerns.

The House met in session on Feb. 14. The following bills were voted on:

• HB 333 – relative to mental health professionals in private custody matters. House voted to ITL (inexpedient to legislate) 240/112 Democrats supported, Republicans opposed

• HB 131 – this bill establishes a commission to develop and promote mental health programs in kindergarten through grade 12. House voted OTP (ought to pass) 220/146 Democrats supported, Republicans opposed

• HB 169 – requiring schools districts to submit an annual report concerning gifted students. House voted to ITL, 295/73. Both parties supported

• HB 222 – this bill required teaching staff in Charter public schools to consist of a minimum of 75 percent of teachers licensed by the state of New Hampshire. House voted to ITL. 290/80 Both parties supported

• HB 374 – prohibiting certain state officers from forming political action committees (PAC’s) House voted to ITL 236/139 Democrats supported, Republicans strongly opposed

• HB 479-FN-Local – the state shall pay 15 percent of contributions of retirement system employers other than the state for Group I teachers and group II members. House voted OTP 256/120. Democrats supported, Republicans opposed. Sent to finance

• HB 322 – relative to reporting requirement of taking of a Turkey. (Fish & Game requires anyone who takes a turkey to submit a written registration of the taking. This bill would allow that registration to be done online). House voted to ITL. 227/150. Democrats supported, Republicans opposed

• HB 304 – relative to policies required for health facilities and special care service licenses. House voted to ITL 224/141. Democrats supported, Republicans opposed

• HB 270 – relative to commencement of foreclosures be commenced by civil actions brought in superior court. House voted several times on this bill. First vote was ITL, 184/183, that vote was reconsidered 200/168, voted again for ITL, vote failed 166/203, voted again for OTP, passed 208/161. This bill was recommended by the Judiciary committee for ITL. Both parties of the committee supported but the majority of the House Vote was in favor of the OTP.

• HB 295-FN-A – this bill establishes a special marriage officiant license which temporarily authorizes an individual to solemnize a marriage. House voted OTP 206/138. Democrats supported, Republicans opposed

• HB 410 – allowing all state agencies and political subdivisions to have access to enhanced 911 information. House voted OTP. 291/59 Both Democrats and Republicans supported

• HB 211 – this bill prohibits an employer from requiring a prospective employee to discuss his or her salary history prior to an offer of employment. House voted OTP 213/139. Democrats supported, Republicans opposed

• HB 253 – this bill prohibits employers from asking a job applicant about his or her criminal history prior to an interview. House voted OTP, 213/142. Democrats supported, Republicans opposed

• HB 272 – this bill establishes notification and disclosure provisions for the hiring of temporary workers. House voted OTP 204/140. Democrats supported, Republicans opposed

• HB 210-FN – this bill permits legal action against a public official of a city or town by a person who is aggrieved by the enactment of an ordinance, bylaw, or regulation. House voted to ITL 226/121. This bill came out of committee with no recommendation (9-9) Republicans supported this bill.

• HB 185-FN-A-LOCAL – this bill contingently reduces the rate of the interest and dividends tax depending on state general fud revenue and repeals the tax on December 31, 2024. House voted ITL 207/134, Democrats supported, Republicans opposed

State Rep. Reed Panasiti represents Hillsborough Dist. 22.