Living a nightmare?

What is it about so called “elite” universities that drives people, some of them famous, to get involved in what clearly were scams directed at getting their children into colleges they obviously couldn’t have gotten on merit?

Speculation about motives has been rife ever since news of the scandal broke last week. It involves the use of substitute SAT test takers, fake transcripts, even fake photos of kids performing athletic feats – their heads Photoshopped onto the bodies of real athletes. All this just to get them into Harvard or Georgetown or USC.

But whose idea was it to get involved in this scam? We don’t think for a moment it was the teenagers. No, it was their parents.

And why? Because they were concerned about their kids getting the best education? Oh, that could be true.

Or is it more likely that they were more concerned with, as someone put it on the radio the other day, “getting that bumper sticker” that said Harvard or Yale?

We vote for the latter.

And now, Lori Loughlin and her daughters say they’re living a nightmare. Well, mom, it’s a nightmare of your own making.