Kuster’s focuses on issues important to voters

To the Editor:

Even though I’m not old enough to vote, this summer I have been interning for Ann Kuster’s campaign for Congress. I met Annie at a house party in Mont Vernon, and was impressed by her ability to connect with everyone she met and to understand what issues are important to us. I listened as she spoke of her dedication to women’s rights, her focus on jobs and making affordable health care available for everybody. As a part of her grassroots campaign, she has attended more than 125 house parties across New Hampshire, listening to the concerns of hundreds of citizens. I have enjoyed volunteering for Annie’s campaign because it has been a true grassroots effort. I have addressed many postcards inviting people to events in their area and have called hundreds of voters over the phone as well. Through this process, I have learned a lot about how elections work on the state level. I understand the importance of voting, even though it is a non-presidential election year primary. I encourage everyone to visit Annie’s website at kusterforcongress.com for more information, as well as to find a house party near you so you can meet her! And please vote for Ann Kuster in the Democratic primary on Sept. 14!


Mont Vernon