Rowe to work toward compassionate, enabling, frugal programs

To the Editor:

As a candidate for the New Hampshire House of Representatives I would appreciate your vote on Nov. 2. In an age when campaigning politicians seem to promise everything and spin issues for their personal benefit, let me be clear as to what I believe democratic government must offer. In the most general and simplest terms, I want government programs in Concord and Washington to show compassion, be enabling and most certainly frugal.

Compassion – there is a level under which our poorest and neediest citizens should not fall. These citizens must have our help. And we must not create programs that have shown to harm families such as extended gambling in New Hampshire.

Enabling – government must be structured and challenged to enable, and encourage each and all of our citizens to achieve their highest dreams. Our country should not stifle opportunity, but encourage individual achievement. Our ancestors immigrated to America for freedom and opportunity; this is being hindered in a massive government.

Frugal – all government programs must be cost effective; each must be evaluated for cost and performance, and then be enhanced or terminated as necessary. Citizens and business must be free from excessive taxation and government regulations.

If you return me to Concord, I pledge to work for a government with programs that are compassionate, enabling and frugal. This will be my goal. Further, as your legislator I will work and encourage Democrats and Republicans to work together for the benefit of our citizens, both young and old.


Amherst and Milford