Editorial on Transition Network appreciated

To the Editor:

Our thanks to The Cabinet for its editorial last week about the Souhegan Transition Network.

We are rather new and not very large (so far), but we do have some long-term goals, as the editorial noted. For now, we are involved with a few modest projects, including:

? Hosting a monthly community supper at the SHARE Center on Elm Street.

? Sponsoring a documentary film series at the Wilton Town Hall Theater.

? Helping start the Milford Community Garden.

? Supporting residential energy audits.

Another STN project that is just getting off the ground is the Souhegan Hour Exchange, which provides an Internet-based system for people to share their time and talents with one another – for every hour you spend helping out a neighbor, you earn a credit that can be “cashed in” later on, when you yourself could use the skills of someone else in the network.

All of these projects and others in the pipeline are about building stronger, more resilient local communities. “Resilience” is the capacity to adapt quickly to external stresses beyond our control, such as reduced availability of healthy food in our grocery stores, spikes in the costs of fossil fuels, threats to local businesses by global corporations that take their profits out of the community, and at some point, perhaps, the effects of climate change on local weather patterns.

Some of these challenges can be met by individuals acting on their own, but often they can be met more powerfully by communities of individuals armed with awareness, mutual trust and a spirit of cooperation.

Although STN is part of the international Transition Town movement (which started in England about 10 years ago), our intent also is to work with other organizations in the Souhegan Valley whose efforts have already been contributing to these broader goals.

STN is not a partisan organization that advocates any particular legislation or endorses particular political parties or candidates. We are mainly about strengthening local economies and local communities. We think these objectives will make good sense to people all across the political spectrum.

If you’re interested in learning more about STN, check out our website at souhegan-transition.org.