Thank you, Rep. Woodbury

To the Editor:

The New Hampshire Public Health Association would like to publicly thank Rep. David Woodbury, who is among those in this area whose hard work this past year helped further public health in New Hampshire.

The New Hampshire Public Health Association ( is committed to strengthening the state’s public health system to improve health, prevent disease and reduce costs for all.

Each year, we recognize representatives of both parties whose votes supported sound public health policy this legislative session in Concord.

Among the many pieces of legislation impacting public health each year, we select a few key bills with roll call votes to determine which legislators should be called Champions.

This year, our Public Health Champions worked to: Ensure that more children are safe in automobiles by supporting changes to child vehicle restraints; that the taxes on cigarettes and other tobacco products were restored; that New Hampshire repeal the Stand Your Ground legislation; and that the hours for the sale of liquor in New Hampshire not
being extended by an hour.

We recognize Representative Woodbury for taking seriously his role in protecting and promoting healthy communities.


New Hampshire Public Health Association