New Hampshire bridges closer to replacement

To the Editor:

Under current law, if a bridge is closed and the municipality desires to accept the 80 percent state bridge aid, the community must place the project on the state schedule, which is now 10 years in the future, and wait to replace the bridge according to the state schedule.

Under a bill filed by Amherst House and Senate representatives, the municipality can place the project on the state list for future aid, and immediately rebuild the bridge at the municipality’s expense. When the project reaches the state aid schedule date, the municipality will be reimbursed in the state aid amount. This will allow bridges to be constructed at lower cost rather than waiting years and restore the bridge and more quickly reopen the bridge to the traveling public. The bill has now past the New Hampshire House of Representatives Public Works Committee with a unanimous vote and can be expected to move forward to the Senate.

If you have questions about the bill, please contact representatives Robert Rowe, Shannon Chandley or Peter Hansen or Sen. Peter Bragdon.

Rep. Robert H. Rowe