Great Brook residents want to know

To the Editor:

Great Brook residents have asked numerous times and are still waiting for answers:

1. Why, when a two-thirds majority of homeowners have demanded the resignation of the board and management company, won’t they step down instead of forcing legal action with the threat of costly assessments in order to achieve this?

2. Why after many requests for copies of the association financial records, management and service contracts, etc., not even a response to this question has been offered? Why does it cost a minimum of $75 to obtain updated copies of our condo bylaws?

3. Why is the management company allowed to judge, interpret and apply condo laws and regulations in the form of aggressive fines and often with extreme prejudice?

4. Why so many “holes” in the 2013 budget and 2014’s proposed annual budget? Why not complete sets of information? How about account information? How much money is there in the reserve account? Why so ill prepared for the annual meeting that they could not even produce the annual budget?

5. What about the two cul-de-sacs that were just paved without a vote for large expenditures and without prior notice? What funds was this extracted from?

6. Why are so many people fined and charged without prior warning? Where is the money collected being applied?

7. Contrary to our rules and regulations guide, why does the management company have an overwhelming need to control every aspect of the community including elections, meetings, etc., while the board takes a back seat?

8. Why have the same people been on the board for so long while new candidates are not allowed to run and serve? Why don’t homeowners know the roles and titles of board members?

9. While real estate values and assessments in Milford have gone up in recent years, why have Great Brooks’ values gone down? Could it be that the numerous negative reports and warnings to stay away (due to poor management) on social media sites are having an effect?

10. Why do realtors steer away from Great Brook? Is it the uniquely high costs management charges for standard paperwork?

11. Why are monthly fees at Great Brook among the highest in New Hampshire while the quality of amenities and services continue to deteriorate? Why still no functional tennis court? Why is there a barbed wire fence around the pool when new security was installed?

12. What happened to a regular community newsletter and open meetings? Why is there no community activities director to stimulate and develop a better sense of community spirit?