Cardiff Management needs to the honorable thing

To the Editor:

Award three more Pinocchios to Cardiff Management.

Cal Davison (AKA Cardiff Management), really needs to deal with facts. In her recent rebuttal, she states that I knew about the boat being towed and approved it. Really? I had already vacated my position long before the incident.

She also missed the point. What I said was Cardiff was selective of who got towed and who didn’t.

Fact 2: As I stated in my letter to the editor, Cal asked me not to resign until after the annual election so a person can be appointed instead of being elected. I guess that legitimizes my statement that she is influencing the board. By the way, I was informed this practice still continues.

Fact 3: Distorting what I wrote. I’m still not sure where in my letter I said the majority of the people want Cardiff removed. It was never in there. She goes on saying “that a strong majority want nothing of the sorts of removing Cardiff.” Where she gets this information is a mystery to me. She needs to back that up with facts.

Recently, all the unit owner of Great Brook received a letter on Great Brook stationary. It had two parts to it. One was an official notice stating that the meeting being held on Dec. 19 was fraudulent. (That’s a debate for another day.)

That being said, Part 2 was her response to Nov. 21, 2013, “Articles in the Cabinet.” It was a multiple page, self-serving diatribe to scorn anyone with a different opinion. Once again, it was loaded with hearsay and short on facts.

My feeling on this letter is if Ms. Davison chooses to disparage people with opposing views, please let her do it on her dime. Ms. Davison as a business owner should be acting more professional. It is my belief that she should be putting an effort to bridge our differences instead of being critical of people she disagrees with.

It has been implied that this debacle is dividing the neighborhood. I believe just the opposite; it is my belief it has united our community. It is reflected by the number of people who are attending the meetings at residents units. I’ve been a resident since 1997 and am now meeting people that have been here even longer than me. I know Cal would like to think it is just the “malcontents,” but honestly, the enthusiasm has surprised even me.

Thanks to Mr. Swanbon taking a leadership role, people in the community feel less intimidated and willing to join in. I guess that’s strength in numbers. Another upside is people are discussing life after Cardiff. They talk of having different community function that they believe would be hindered by Cardiff.

Unfortunately, there is a down side to all of this. Both sides are spending money for legal services. These monies could be used to improve our community. At this point, I would like to reiterate what I said in my last letter. Cardiff needs to honestly assess their standings with the community and do the honorable thing.


Great Brook resident