Spooky activity afoot at old house in Lyndeborough

To the Editor:

My name is Diana Barrett and I once lived in the house referenced in your article, “This Old House: Dramatic changes in Lyndeborough” by Jessie Salisbury on Dec. 19, at 81 Putnam Hill Road.

I lived there from 1989 to 1999. At one time, there was a burned out section of the house in the back of the property, which may be from the fire you had mentioned. My ex-husband, Winfield Bullard, was the nephew of Ruth Bullard and the house was left to him in her will. I moved out in 1999, but Winfield remained.

I found the house to be haunted. My ex-
husband’s Aunt Ruth had died in the kitchen of the home. She was found by the mailman who was worried when her mail was piling up. I’ve often wondered if the spirit in the home was her? There’s a lot of history, I’m sure. I guess we might never know if it was her or another lost soul.

On several occasions, I experienced movement within the house, such as pictures turned, items moved from one place to another and also the feeling of someone else in the room when there was no one else in the house. The house, in my opinion, was haunted.

There were times I wouldn’t stay there alone. I remember one particular night as I was reading in bed, I thought I had seen someone walk past my bedroom door. Of course, I thought it was my child going to the bathroom. However, when I got up to check, both children were in there respective rooms, sound asleep. I returned to bed and moments later, I saw it again.

This time, I called out. No one answered. I was getting very scared, as I was home alone with two children. As I laid there covering up in my blankets, I felt a cool breeze pass by my bed and then I saw a shadow gently pass by the foot of my bed! I was shaking and chills ran down my spine. I was almost paralyzed! I thought I was just seeing things.

Needless to say, I didn’t sleep much that night.

I firmly believe I saw a ghost that night. There were many times I would hear a voice whispering. My ex-husband also experienced some strange things within the home.

I’m not certain if the two houses mentioned are one in the same? To my knowledge, the house located on Putnam Hill Road was built in 1902. I enjoyed reading the article.