A letter to Gov. Hassan about Great Brook Condos in Milford

To the Editor:

This is a letter to Gov. Maggie Hassan.

I live in a condominium development in Milford called Great Brook, and have done so since 1986. It’s a beautiful place and my husband and I raised three children here. About 10 years ago, the management of Great Brook was taken over by a company called Cardiff Management run by a woman named Cal Davison, based out of Brookline. The attorney general’s office has the background to this story, as several complaints have been made regarding heavy-handed treatment by Cardiff to Great Brook residents who aren’t favored.

Several years ago, I ran for the board of directors of Great Brook. By the amount of people that said they would vote for me, I believe I may have won. The ballots, counted at the annual meeting were counted by Ms. Davison and a sitting member of the board. No one else was allowed near the ballots. I was told I didn’t win, wasn’t allowed to know how many votes I got or to see the ballots, which were later destroyed.

Mine is just one of many stories of how residents are treated by Cardiff Management, allowed by a mostly appointed board of directors.

Recently, I wrote a letter to the editor of the Milford Cabinet that was not complimentary to Cardiff. The next snowstorm, mine was the only driveway on my street that wasn’t plowed.

Because of Cardiff’s treatment of me in the past, my husband and I have been hesitant to make any requests for our unit, but I am tired of saying nothing and paying fees every month for the privilege.

I know New Hampshire is the Live Free or Die state, which basically means just get on with it. I am copying all elected officials I have voted for and I am really wondering is there something that can be done? Can someone help us or is this just going to go on for 10 more years?

Something is happening at Great Brook, governor. At the very least, in my opinion, there is cronyism, heavy-handed fining and the selective treatment of owners not in favor. Regular board meetings are not posted and the only time residents can be heard is at the annual meeting where we have a few minutes to speak while being shouted we are out of order by a board that keeps us quiet using Robert’s Rules of Order. Ms. Davison has threatened defamation suits against those owners that have spoken out. I say the truth is the ultimate defense.

A petition has been submitted to have a special meeting some time in this month where it is hoped some board members will be removed and replaced so that we can remove Cardiff Management company from its association with Great Brook. Thank you for hearing me out and all the best to you in 2014.