Thank you to the Milford community and Lions Club

To the Editor:

As we approach mid-winter with the cold and snowy days slowing down a bit and the holiday season now passed, I would like to take the opportunity to thank and express my appreciation, especially to the members of the Milford Lions.

For the past 20 years or so, long before I was a member, members of the Milford Lions set off the beginning of the holidays in November by storming the cold and sometimes snowy weather to decorate the Oval with lights, wreaths and a Christmas tree for the gazebo. This effort is not only for the benefit of decoration and community pride, but also in preparation of Santa’s visit a few weeks after. They take great pride in doing this each year and the Lions enjoy affording this service to the community, as well as inviting Santa to visit the Oval and providing all who visit with a warm cup of hot chocolate and some goodies.

Also much appreciated and without their help this could not happen, are the men and women from the Milford Fire and Police departments who help and volunteer their time with the decoration and arrangement of travel for Santa to the Oval. This year marked a special occasion for the Milford Lions, as they were very proud in awarding a very prestigious award from the Lions to postal worker Mike Sauta. Mike Sauta has volunteered his time, never being asked but on his own volition for the past 17 years or so, by coming to the Oval each year and collecting letters to Santa from all the children.

Once again, for the 35th year, this past weekend, the Lions had the opportunity to prepare and serve more than 120 senior residents of the Milford community with a full course meal of turkey with all the fixings. There was entertainment from local resident, singer and entertainer, Marlena Phillips. Marlena sang a variety of songs and managed once again to enthuse everyone with her talent in getting the seniors up and dancing, with many Lion members joining in the fun.

Every year, the Milford Lions relies on the many local businesses, their club members and many volunteers who donate and sponsor these events, without their help and support, the Oval decoration, Santa’s visit and this dinner would not be possible. These are just some of the services the club provides as a way to express their appreciation to all, the young and the elderly, in the Milford community.

I know that accolades are not necessary but I felt an acknowledgement and an expression of my thanks and appreciation for all the services provided to this wonderful community is fitting. It is with sincere hope that we had something to do with making someone’s day a little brighter.

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