Bioluminescent plants: The next step to natural lighting

To the Editor:

The use of light bulbs makes up for around six percent of air pollution in the United States.

I want to combat this pollution by replacing light bulbs with bioluminescent plants.

These plants would be environmentally friendly and would have a bright enough glow.

The goal for the creation of bioluminescent plants is to use synthetic biotechnology techniques and genome compiling software to insert bioluminescent genes into Arabidopsis plants to make them glow in the dark.

These plants would continue to glow as they grew into adult plants. The only thing needed to keep the glow alive would be water.

So, it is obvious to see that bioluminescent plants do not require as much maintenance as light bulbs. Eventually, I hope people in the United States create enough bioluminescent plants that they would replace light bulbs altogether.

This definitely would demonstrate our country “going green” and all you need to do is do your own research as to how to create your own bioluminescent plant.