Keep the elementary school in Lyndeborough

To the Editor:

As a senior citizen now, my children are grown up and the grandkids are finishing high school.

So strictly as a taxpayer, I’d say let’s merge all the Wilton and Lyndeborough schools to save money. However, many things in life of great value to human beings don’t translate well into dollar signs.

As our culture has become more complex, I see many forces now that are fracturing people, families and communities. Schools, especially neighborhood elementary schools, are stable institutions that help people feel grounded and hold communities together.

I have many fond memories about when my two daughters attended Temple Elementary School with about 65 students in grades 1-6. There were three teachers each teaching two grade levels at a time. My wife and I, along with most other young parents, took an active role in various school affairs. I remember the great interpersonal spirit when all 65 students boarded buses, and many parents, grandparents and other adults followed in cars as we headed out on field trips to places like Plymouth Rock.

Certainly by junior high, it makes sense for various towns to merge various student services, but community elementary schools should be preserved. As far as the academics are concerned, my two kids were high honors in high school, and one was valedictorian. Both graduated from college with honors, one from Wellesley, the other Vassar.

So, keep the school house in Lyndeborough.