Marijuana is a gift from God

To the Editor:

When Governor Hassan voted to legalize medical marijuana, I was happy and relieved.

I thought New Hampshire residents had voted into office a sensible individual unafraid to do what the people in her state wanted.

She hears what the people in her state ask her to do and does it! No tossing them aside out of fear of being ridiculed by little minds in big places. It was very commendable.

Maggie Hassan, a woman governor, was not being controlled by marijuana propaganda. She’s a forward-thinking governor.

It seems she was testing the water instead of upholding a gift from God. Let’s keep doing the same thing over and over and expect different results each time.

When I heard she would veto legalization of marijuana, my view of her changed.

I see it in the medical field all the time. Doctors armed with “facts” or mythological propaganda about pot and eager to take on any challengers. When will doctors, nurses, politicians and the rest of the totem pole decide to give up such ignorance, take a rest?

I shall look forward to the education of the true benefit of the Earth plant cannabis, given by a higher power. It is very tedious being told to take synthetic, addictive medications, and being told not to take a medicine from Mother Nature’s pharmacy. If you would rather use God’s medical remedy over pharmaceutical companies … it’s a plant that was put on Earth by God for any number of reasons.

Regulate it, educate it, declassify it, come on into the 21th century where we are grateful for the “green people” who wish only to preserve a part of this planet and that natures beauty goes on and on. The part where spirits water the plants in all of the valleys where something God has given awaits.