Regarding Wilton selectman café comments

To the Editor:

After reading the recent Hilltop Cafe article in The Cabinet, I considered the comments of the selectmen.

Mr. Donovan and Mr. Condra had statements recorded by the reporter that addressed the legality and violations of the steps taken by the Four Corners Farm to expand the cafe. Mr. Swanson chose a different route.

As reported, he extended full support to the process and the cafe seeing it “…as a good thing. Traffic is negligible, the food is great, farm-to-table is a great thing. They aren’t doing criminal things. We should help them in come into compliance.”

Mr. Swanson is an elected official. Is it his role to establish goodness or greatness when dealing with the legalities of this issue, or any he faces as a selectman? Is it his role to state traffic is negligible without presenting supportive evidence? Is it his role to help any entity manage its way into compliance when violations of processes established by the hard-working members of the Zoning and Planning boards are clearly and admittedly obvious?

As a private citizen, a resident of Wilton, as well as a cafe patron, Mr. Swanson is certainly free to voice his support. As a selectman, his role is to represent Wilton and govern based upon the facts and violations of the actions taken by the cafe.

He should rescind his apparently subjective support, following the examples of Mr. Donovan and Mr. Condra.