Vote no on Brox Article 21 on Milford ballot

To the Editor:

Milford voters ought to vote “no” on the Brox Property Article 21 that would authorize reopening the gravel pit that’s been closed for 20 years and would destroy 70-year-old hilly forests and is close to Heron Pond School. Why vote no? The Budget Advisory Committee explained it well:

1. We need more detailed planning.

2. The future costs need to be calculated, as well as the chance of any profitability.

And highly important to those who care about nature and the environment.

3. There are concerns for conservation and wildlife habitat, such as that of the state-
endangered Blanding’s turtle and Eastern hognose snake who make the Brox Property their home.

The Brox Property is hardly a wasteland. It is a large wetland complex that is habitat to diverse wildlife species from salamanders to great blue herons and moose and a place of open space that is already enjoyed by many people. So please vote no to having a disruptive and unnecessary gravel operation.


Brox Environmental Citizens