What a valuable experience serving on Souhegan co-op School Board

To the Editor:

I would like to start by saying what a valuable experience these past six years on the Souhegan Cooperative School Board have been.

When I first ran for the School Board, the thought of committing three years to this challenging position seemed daunting. Amazingly, those years passed very quickly, and I felt that I was just coming down a steep learning curve.

I also found myself involved with initiatives that I wanted to see through.

I was co-chairing school calendar initiatives for optimal student learning, our board was prioritizing and budgeting for the recommendations of a facilities study we commissioned, I was involved in a high school security review, we were starting the endeavor of hiring a new superintendent, and much more. I felt compelled to serve again and, thankfully, the voters gave me that opportunity.

Fast forward three years and I find myself at the end of my second term. I have enjoyed serving in many more capacities over these past three years, such as the high school Scheduling Committee and SAU 39 Policy Committee, and I continue to be a member of our high school’s Community Council. I also had the privilege of serving as board chairwoman this past year, as well as a member of the SAU 39 Strategic Planning Steering Committee.

I am excited about the direction our board, the high school and the SAU are going in. I am especially proud of the work that we as a board have accomplished through the Budget Study Committee and am looking forward to continuing our mission of examining every aspect of the budget in greater depth throughout the year.

I am energized by the administration’s forward thinking. And I have enjoyed the process of examining the strengths and opportunities in our SAU so that we can develop a strategic plan that will best serve our students.

I continue to enjoy the work that I am doing and feel that I have goals to complete. For this reason I am, once again, asking the voters to support me in my quest for re-election to the Souhegan Cooperative School Board.

Thank you for your consideration.


Souhegan Co-op School Board candidate, Amherst