Vote in support of economic development in Milford

To the Editor:

The Economic Development Advisory Council was established by the Board of Selectmen in 2009 with members from local businesses, as well as citizens of Milford.

Its charter is to improve the economic well-being and quality of life in our community. As we approach the vote on the budget and warrant articles, the EDAC has carefully considered what it feels to be important issues that are before the voters this year. The EDAC wants to stress the importance of the warrant articles that it feels will help to enhance our community and continue to allow Milford businesses to grow and prosper and enhance the vibrant community that we all enjoy living and working in.

The EDAC recognizes that in order for Milford to maintain its character and appeal, we as a community must continually invest in the infrastructure that supports our community. We must also invest in community building events that make Milford who we are. Investing in roads, sidewalks, water and sewer extensions and town buildings allows our residents to maintain a high quality of life and exemplifies the image that Milford is willing to invest in our town’s future. Investments in infrastructure are one of the most important ways to support economic development in our community and help maintain our appeal, as well as attract new residents and valuable new businesses to Milford.

As the hub of the Souhegan Valley, Milford has grown to become a town that attracts people from near and far for a few events throughout the year. The Pumpkin Festival, parades and special events help make us who we are, and we need to recognize not only the positive financial impact that these events have on our community, but also the pride they instill and appeal that they build.

These annual events add to our community character and although they may not be large-ticket items, they are vitally important to Milford’s economic development. Organizations, such as the Milford Improvement Team, are committed to community investment, and rely on both volunteer and private and public financial support to sustain their efforts.

Finally, another initiative that can dramatically improve Milford’s appeal and economic landscape is the proposed rezoning between South Street and Ponemah Hill Road and north of the 101 Bypass. This rezoning proposal, when passed, will allow several parcels of land to be developed for commercial uses – several of which are local firms looking for new locations to expand. This rezoning will bring added property tax base and the benefits of new road connections and better fire suppression. The Planning Board supports this rezoning and will insure neighborhood compatibility.

The EDAC has worked hard over the past five years to help maintain and enhance Milford’s economic appeal and quality of life. We ask that you carefully weigh the costs associated with investing in these important warrant articles, versus the cost that we would all bear should we not invest in Milford’s future.

Thank you on behalf of the Milford Economic Development Advisory Council.


EDAC chairman