Vote no on article 21 on Milford town budget

To the Editor:

The Milford Board of Selectmen is asking the town of Milford to give the Selectmen an open-ended authority to do whatever they want to at the Brox property.

They want to reopen the Brox property to mining sand, gravel and anything else they perceive as valuable. They claim that this mining operation will bring money to the town from the sale of this material, but they have not done their homework to determine what it would take or whether it would be profitable.

The Budget Advisory Committee is opposed to this article because the Selectmen have not bothered to do any planning on the feasibility of this project.

Additionally, any authority needs to have a check and balance with the Planning Board and the Conservation Commission requiring their approval of any plans and applications for a mining operation proposed by the Selectmen.

Having heavy equipment operating in the vicinity of Heron Pond School and moving along Whitten Road would be very impractical. When the Selectmen were asked about this at the recent Deliberative Session, their response to this question and others was that, “It is one of the many details that will have to be worked out.” They don’t see open space for wildlife viewing, hiking and snow shoeing as valuable and they want to take complete control of this decision making for the next 20 years.

Besides, building new roads to accommodate this while we already have problems maintaining our current roads and bridges is a nonstarter.

Article 21 amounts to an empty promise that is poorly thought out and leaves Milford residents out of future planning about how we want to use town-owned property and our open spaces. Tell the Selectmen to do their homework and tell us all the details first and not ask us to just trust them with our future.

Warrant Article 21 is bad for Milford. Please vote no.