We need your support for the Milford Labor Day Parade

To the Editor:

It is time for the town of Milford to step up to the plate and vote yes on Articles 19 and 20 in support of the annual Labor Day Parade.

This parade is the largest in the state of New Hampshire and has been running continuously since 1945.

Over the past few years, the Milford VFW, American Legion, limited donors and the Labor Day Committee have been active supporters because we believe this is a very valuable and important event for our community. The VFW is still willing to manage the details of the parade but it is becoming more and more difficult to find donors in this poor economic environment and we need your help.

Historically, the parade brings national attention to our small town with presidential and state candidates visiting Milford on this one special day. As a result, National Public Radio (NPR) created a documentary series titled, “From the Oval to the Oval Office.”

Not only is this wonderful community-building event on the political landscape, but more importantly, it brings together local businesses, children’s organizations, faith communities and school and youth sports teams in celebration of our citizens.

Please join us and vote yes on Articles 19 and 20, and encourage your friends and neighbors of Milford to do the same. This long running, well-respected, fun and beneficial community event deserves our strong support!

Thank you.