A letter to the town of Milford voters

To the Editor:

This is a letter to the town of Milford voters.

I am running for selectman again this year because I believe we need to go back to the founding purpose for this position.

A selectman must be unbiased in his representation of the community he or she serves, such that the welfare and future of that community is not compromised by the special interests that we see in the multitude of committees and organizations pushing their agendas.

We don’t like it when we see it in Washington, but we turn a blind eye here on Main Street.

The major task at hand for a selectman is to have the creative wisdom to think outside the box and, therefore, come up with new ways to meet the town’s needs without having to constantly raise taxes to pay for those needs.

A fresh look at reorganizing our systems to realize more productivity and efficiency is quickly becoming a necessity. We need that change within our systems to better serve you and I want to represent that change.

To my knowledge, there are two candidates who have this goal. I am one of the two. Mike Putnam is the other one. Please vote on March 11 for both of us.

Thank you.