Amherst playing fields and taxes

To the Editor:

The voters of Amherst have an opportunity to solve the playing field shortage, and save on taxes March 11.

We purchased the property on Stearns Road, aka Acorn Fields, to solve the playing field crisis in Amherst. All costs for these fields will be privately funded – at no cost to the taxpayers. All our property values will be reduced if we are unable to meet our towns sports needs.

The Recreation Department director reported to the Board of Selectmen last July that 975 kids and 65 teams will be cancelled in fall 2014 because of the shortage of field space. Acorn Fields offers the opportunity to solve the shortage. It is ideally situated near the high school and middle school and next to routes 101, 101 A and 122.

The Selectmen rejected our lease offer. They will only entertain land purchases as a solution for playing fields. The voters have disagreed with this plan and have turned down every article brought forth to purchase land for this purpose.

The only option left is for an individual to solve the problem. Unfortunately, current zoning does not allow for playing fields on Stearns Road. This exclusionary zoning was “pushed through” by the abutters to this property.

Warrant Articles 48 and 49 allows us to reapply to the Amherst boards, and be subject to their full authority to adjust, deny or approve our proposal. This is a great solution for the kids and an even better one for the taxpayers!

Please support this opportunity by voting yes on Article 48 and 49 and no on Article 50.


Owner of Acorn Fields