One corporations one vote?

To the Editor:

Imagine a debate between two teams: Behemoth Corp. versus Common People. Both teams are on the stage awaiting the debate’s start.

Seems fair so far, but wait, the BC team pulls out huge megaphones attached to amplified speakers which face the audience. The five-member BC team can overwhelm 1,000 opposing debaters. The CP team is confused and mystified. This doesn’t seem fair. They didn’t expect this. They appeal to the moderator who, after consulting with the eight judges, declares the debate fair to continue, unaltered.

If the above scenario seems a little outlandish, think twice about the Supreme Court’s ruling that allows corporations to spend money in political campaigns as if they were ordinary people. Corporations, and wealthy individuals who can create phony corporations to address their own needs, have far more resources than most ordinary people or even thousands of ordinary people combined. They can pour money into advertising quickly in an attempt to swing a campaign while ordinary folks have far less influence in politics. They can buy TV ads to influence voters who may not know the facts.

The Citizens United decision is a serious assault on our democracy and should be nullified. On Tuesday, March 11, please join me in supporting petition Warrant Article 41 in Amherst and No, 25 in Milford to overturn the Citizen United decision.