Representative Rowe, of Amherst, offers inaccurate comments on minimum wage

To the Editor:

In a letter printed in the Feb. 27 Cabinet, Robert Rowe offers the usual tired and inaccurate ideas about the effects of raising the minimum wage.

Numerous studies which compare adjacent states, counties, cities or towns have shown that an increase in the minimum wage does not result in higher unemployment compared to an adjacent locality not subject to the increase.

A recent study by the University of California demonstrates that an increase in the minimum wage also has a dramatic effect on employee retention, and the concomitant lowering of recruitment and training costs can offset the increased cost of wages. An increase in the minimum wage was also shown to reduce theft by fraud or errors.

This study can be found at:

A higher minimum wage also helps the local economy, as people at the lower end of the income spectrum end up spending pretty much all of their disposable income, and local merchants benefit thereby.

These may be some of the reasons why Costco and even Wal-Mart support raising the minimum wage, as reported in the Feb. 28 New York Times.

It would be nice if our elected representatives did a little research before offering tired and inaccurate Republican talking points.