Vote for Amherst Article 25 to overturn Citizens United ruling

To the Editor:

This is a letter to residents of Milford.

Warrant Article 25 on the March 11 ballot which reads, the resolution “to overturn Citizens United by passage of a constitutional amendment,” has two appealing aspects. 1. It does not call for Milford to spend any money and 2. It has wide bipartisan and independent support.

Like many of you, I have grown weary of the offensive, hyper-partisan attack ads and robo calls during election cycles. We are subjected to these ad campaigns by special interest groups, usually from outside New Hampshire, and using money from wealthy, often anonymous donors to drown out the voices of individual voters.

Both sides have been hurt by these ads. In the last election, Mitt Romney and Maggie Hassan were both hit by attack ads that were extremely misleading. Negative political ads are not new, but 2012 saw an escalation of unprecedented proportions due to the Citizens United decision.

Here in New Hampshire in the 2012 election, outside groups spent five times what the candidates themselves spent on their contests. Nationally in 2012, total campaign expenditures tripled and Super PAC spending increased five-fold, including more than $300 million in “dark money” from anonymous donors.

Opinion polls show strong support across all voter segments for a constitutional amendment to other legal entities such as labor unions, PACs and Super PACs.

I urge you to support Warrant Article 25 to overturn Citizens United by passage of a constitutional amendment.