Vote yes on Milford Warrant Article 21

To the Editor:

When the town purchased the Brox Property in 2000, there were a lot of promises made.

One of the major arguments made in favor of the purchase was the fact that the town could recoup most of the purchase price simply by selling off the material left behind by the former gravel operation (sounds like a no-brainer, huh?). There was talk of building new recreation fields, a new cemetery and even setting aside space for a future school.

For whatever reason, none of this was done. Money was tight, and there always seems to be something more important. After all these years, there is finally an effort afoot, thanks in large part to the MCAA, to get to work on some of this. The Planning Board formed a committee to do an extensive review of that property and to update the town’s Brox Master Plan on its best use. This resulting plan includes recreational fields, bike and walking trails, greenways, a nature outlook, as well as plenty space for a future school, cemetery and other community needs.

An engineering study was commissioned to ensure that all wetlands were identified and incorporated into this plan, and the Conservation Commission was involved to ensure that environmental and conservation concerns were addressed. Milford has a stunning resource out there, and I am confident that we have a plan where environmental, recreational and community needs can all be met and coexist seamlessly.

But how do we move forward with this plan? As was promised to the voters back in 2000, the town could sell off some of the gravel – while abiding by the Master Plan – and generate some badly needed revenue for the town. Let’s do this, and then ask the Selectmen to dedicate a portion of that revenue toward the fulfillment of the Brox Master Plan. The Selectmen did have the authority to do this already, but that authority has expired. Article 21 is simply asking the voters to re-authorize the selectmen to do what was promised nearly 15 years ago.

Rarely does something come along that simply makes sense all around. Everyone wins. Please support Article 21 on March 11.