Former Wilton selectman, resident ‘tells it like it is’

To the Editor:

I am sending along this letter to the editor as Wilton’s oldest living former selectman for several reasons. My deep pride for my community.

My wife and I still own property in Wilton, which is not large enough to raise beef cattle but is big enough for the both of us, and the fact that social media and a network of good friends keep me informed about our town of Wilton has motivated me to “tell it like it is these days in Wilton!” When I learn that the character, heritage and reputation of our Wilton town government is being maligned by elected officials, I take it personally.

This letter vigorously objects to actions by our recent Board of Selectmen that reflect negatively on our town, thereby damaging the good name of our town among the general public.

My outrage stems from the performance of our recent Board of Selectmen as they changed 250 years of transparency in our town government into a clandestine operation in which they clearly demonstrated their lack of knowledge about state statutes addressing the proper use of executive sessions, apparently were oblivious to the need to perambulate town lines on an annual basis, violated Right to Know laws by denying taxpayers access to correspondence from residents, department heads or committee chairs, arbitrarily and capriciously changed job titles giving the appearance of collusion with town employees to create potential additional compensation, inappropriately squandering taxpayer funds for consultant contracts when a gold mine of expertise was available in the community, and treating taxpayers with disdain. All of this has contributed to my outrage.

In one of the saddest moments in Wilton’s history, a selectman of the recent board showed his disdain for the taxpayers of Wilton while showing the taxpayers that knowing what is right and not doing it is the worst cowardice.

Article 22 placed in the Town Warrant to allow taxpayers a comment period before electing or appointing the town’s road agent was subjected a preplanned, devious, unconscionable action by the former selectman when he immediately made a motion to table prior to discussion and it was passed by the few supporters in attendance. Was this motion discussed in illegal executive sessions, discussed in an exchange of emails, and discussed with the road agent present prior to Town Meeting? If so, this action begs for an investigation by the Office of the New Hampshire Attorney General.

For the greater good of the town of Wilton, the current last member of the previous trifecta of board members conducting themselves unlike any previous boards in history should resign, as well as the town road agent – if he has been a part of this hoax on Wilton’s taxpayers.


Leesburg, Va.

Former Wilton resident