Conservation is a wise choice at the Brox property in Milford

To the Editor:

The editorial on April 17 that the purchase of the Brox property was a good idea for development is in stark contrast to an editorial published in The Cabinet on June 6, 2013.

Last year’s editorial, referring to conservation of the Wilkins property in Amherst and Mont Vernon using conservation easements, stated:

“When it comes to conserving New Hampshire land for future generations, there is one thing we believe to be indisputable: It is worth doing.”

The editorial goes on to describe conservation easements and concludes with:

“Preserving land through conservation is not only tax-positive, it saves the fields and forests we love, and in doing that keeps our air and water cleaner and reduces the amount of carbon going into the atmosphere.”

But instead of conservation, some in Milford seem to want many more sports fields. There is too much emphasis on sports today not only in Milford, but the entire country. Children in the U.S. are consistently falling behind in math, reading and science. I recognize that it is very good for kids to get outside and get plenty of exercise but organized sports is not the only way to do that.

Right now, all children and adults can go hiking, bike riding, kite flying or exploring nature at the Brox property. There is no need for special skills, equipment or training. I would like to see something like a small science center near Heron Pond School that would give visitors guidance and education about nature and would be compatible with existing programs in the nearby Beaver Brook Association land. Something similar to what is at Monson Village would be very appropriate. Sports fields are expensive to build and maintain and in addition need various supporting structures, such as restrooms, lighting and large areas for parking. On the other hand, conservation costs very little and will be enjoyed by us and many others after were gone.

Conservation is also tax-positive, as the 2013 editorial pointed out.

What better way to celebrate Earth Day 2014 than to affirm the benefits of conservation around Milford, including at the very special place I like to call the Heron Pond Wetland Complex at the Brox property.


Brox Environmental Citizens