Affordable Care Act should have more government involvement

To the Editor:

In Ms. Herceg’s letter printed in your latest edition, she tells us of her alarm that our health care system is becoming too socialistic and this will somehow be bad for us. She cites her experience in what sounds like a profit-making HMO as evidence for this.

My experience has been quite different. I have lived in four countries and have participated in health insurance coverage from employer paid to individual private paid, including Cobra, as well as completely government-paid systems.

I paid a lot of money for individual private insurance when it was my only option, especially when Cobra ran out. I also found it less convenient and more restrictive than any of the European systems I experienced. Now as a senior citizen, I am completely satisfied with Medicare, the insurance policy I paid into during my 40-year working life.

If there is any problem with the Affordable Care Act, it is because it is not government-run enough. Insurance companies add cost to the consumer in the form of marketing expenses and profits, and they do not benefit the consumer by being more efficient.