Sen. Shaheen often votes with her party

To the Editor:

If I had the opportunity to sit down with Senator Shaheen I would ask:

Senator, you voted 97 percent of the time with the president. You were not elected to represent the president, but the citizens of New Hampshire. Why?

Senator, why did you support Senator Durbin (D-Ill.) 95 percent of the time? New Hampshire is not Illinois.

Senator, why did you vote with Senator Warren 93 percent of the time? New Hampshire is not Massachusetts.

Senator, you support an energy tax that could kill thousands of jobs in New Hampshire. Why?

Senator, you did not support the pipe line. Most of us do not have $5 million in our cookie jar as you do. Paying higher gas prices is inflicting pain back home. Why?

The Boston Globe said, “Shaheen has bipartisan reputation, but votes the party line.” I agree.